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Dec 27, 2012 10:00pm PST
. it is clearly happening out there. and karen the drudge report going crazy. jared loughner used handgun and you couldn't write legislation that did not try to take that gun out of jared loughner's hand. we had a weapon that was used. i think he modified his ar 15 to be able to shoot more people faster but yeah, i think part of what is happening. we talked about this last night. people don't realize how broken our system really is. these guns are available when people should not have them. what that means, that is about mass killing. that is not about being a sportsman. that is part of what is being driven home right now. when the nra is throwing around all sorts of fake notions that are in the fake dialogue. no one is saying that you can stop everyone of these things. how hard do you you want to make it? the risk of the gun in the home is greater than the benefit. as the owner of the gun in connecticut found out when his son got his hands on it. and the accidents happen in homes with guns. how hard is that to find out. >> go figure. the other issue today is that looking around the web, it is ac
Dec 28, 2012 7:00pm PST
. our new category is the biggest surprise of 2012. karen finney, what was the biggest surprise of 2012. >> that we were able to call the election around 11:00. >> i actually thought it would happen, by the time we got to california, closing time we would know. >> i really thought it would be a much bigger mess, and i didn't think the president would be able to win without us having a debacle in florida, and thankfully we didn't. >> joy reed, what was the big surprise? >> the big surprise was that mitt romney chose paul ryan as his running mate. he is the right guy? but as a democrat, secretly, i was like oh please, pick paul ryan, i didn't think he would do it. >> there were so many reasons not to pick him. >> but he was like ideological, and they crystallized all the things they didn't like about mitt romney, the 47%, voucherizing medicare, all that was crystallizing in one person, he picked him for the running mate, i was surprised. >> the big surprise, something way behind scenes, the debate commission makes the rules, they are usually secret. they leaked these, you can read the rul
Dec 26, 2012 7:00pm PST
not provide them the mechanism to regulate gun commerce. >> karen finney, there is nothing in what we learned today about how the nra has its hands tied that is in any way involving the constitutional right to bear arms. the constitutional right to bear arms stands there unmolested, and then there's the a.t.f. just trying to do a basic job that the nra has successfully lobbied to prevent them from doing. so the whole issue of the kinds of legislation we really need in the gun arena is a much wider range of legislative vehicles than anyone is really contemplating right now. >> but also, lawrence, when we talk about common sense, one of the most interesting things when you said you were shocked, i did some research a while back, and i think most americans would be shocked to find out. because it's unthinkable -- i've used this example before -- i can't buy sudafed one day early because of the computer database that tracks how much you buy and when you buy it. i think most americans in polls are shocked to realize there isn't a system where, for example, a police officer, let's say in aurora, co
Search Results 0 to 5 of about 6 (some duplicates have been removed)